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We make favorite parts. For the best moments in life.

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super comfortable - 100% feel good factor 100% feel-good factor
recommended by - over 900 awesome customer reviews > 1600 Stunning Customer Reviews
high quality material - 100% organic cotton 100% sustainable
return policy - 100 days free return 100 days free returns

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Pants & Hoodies

Pants & Hoodies

THE LONGS are our ultra comfortable, super soft hoodies and pants made... 


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With fashion brands it is called “accessories”, with car manufacturers “accessories”, with... 

Why nuffinz belong in your closet

The stuff dreams are made of

Nuffinz makes the most comfortable and sustainable favorite pieces for men. Shorts, sweatpants, hoodies, t-shirts or long sleeves - made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

For us, “solid” means: The jersey fabric is used with the smooth side facing out. Plus: The surface of the fine material is also "carbonized" - i.e. made ultra fine. So that the favorite part feeling comes up the first time you put it on.

"Towel", on the other hand, is what we call our products made of soft organic terry cloth. The fabric with the Nuffinz towel feeling has small loops on the outside. Just like you eg. are used to from your favorite towel.

Whether "Solid" or "Towel": You always have the choice between very fine and super fine .

No sweating and even more well-being

Your favorite pieces are not only incredibly soft and comfortable on the skin , but also very breathable and sustainable .

Short, sustainable ways

When choosing our producers , short distances, appropriate certificates for sustainable cultivation and processing of organic cotton (e.g. GOTS) and fair working conditions (e.g. Higg Index) are a matter of course.